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Orchid Expects To Exceed Fourth Quarter Revenue Forecasts

Orchid BioSciences Grants License To Quest Diagnostics For Commercial Use Of Advanced Genotyping Technology

Orchid Acquires Lifecodes

Orchid Announces Launch of 96-Well Kit To Its Genotyping System Customers and Collaborators

Orchid and Invitrogen Announce Exclusive Agreement for New SNP Scoring Kits

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Orchid Life Sciences Group has launched, a web-based primer design tool, for its SNP genotyping customers.

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Orchid has acquired Lifecodes Corp., a leading provider of identity genomics testing services.

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Orchid launches SNPware 96 kit for its customers and collaborators

Orchid introduces its SNPstream MT system and signs global marketing agreement with Hitachi's MiraiBio.

Orchid provides SNP frequency data to The SNP Consortium - more...

Orchid's new ELUCIGENE™ CF29 reagents provide a simple and accurate means of routinely testing for mutations in the CFTR gene that are associated with cystic fibrosis. more..

Become a beta trialist for new Orchid genotyping systems and kit products - more...